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What is the Purpose of Parenting?

{Sometimes we get so busy with our daily lives as parents we don’t consider what is the real purpose of parenting? Is our main goal of happiness for our kids or something much deeper?} On the face of it, this may seem like a silly question. I think most parents would say something along the […]

Best Parenting Blogs to Keep You Learning and Growing

{As a child development writer (and mom!), I read a lot of parenting articles. These are some of the best parenting blogs I’ve found to help keep you inspired, learning and growing as a parent} Parenthood is the only “job” which involves no formal training, very little background knowledge (for most of us) and the […]

Why Play is Still the Best Way to Spark Your Child’s Development

{The importance of play in child development can’t be overstated. Research-backed benefits of play for children’s development.} If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know that PLAY is something I’m pretty passionate about. Whether it be free play, play-based learning, dress-up play or outdoor play, I love to write about the importance of […]