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The Most Underrated Brain-Boosting Toy in your Kids’ Toy Box

{Although block play for toddlers may just seem like fun, it builds real cognitive skills. Some insights into the benefits of block play.} I recently put together a new bookshelf for my office. You know the ones that come in pieces from IKEA or Walmart and you have to assemble yourself. The instructions are heavy […]

Black Friday and Holiday Weekend Deals for Parents

Instead of filling up social media posts with deals, I decided to compose a list of all the Black Friday and Holiday Weekend Deals for parents in a simple post.  All these specials are meant to help you in your parenting journey through: helping you feel confident and joyful in parenting helping you understand your […]

7 Reasons to Ditch Elf on the Shelf {and an alternative tradition we love}

{Looking for an alternative to Elf on the Shelf? A few reasons to consider looking for a more thoughtful holiday tradition.} When my older son was in about 2nd grade, he came home one day after Thanksgiving with news that “all” his friends had elves that “comes alive” at night. The underlying question, of course, […]

End the Gift-Giving Regret: Tips for Choosing Age-Appropriate (and Fun) Toys

{Choosing age-appropriate toys for your children that they will actually like is not always easy. Using a few child development hints, you can choose items that your kids will love for years} I’ll be honest–last Christmas we made a big mistake. We bought our boys toys that were bad choices. There’s no sugar-coating it, we […]

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