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Discover the Best Way to Foster Cooperation in Your Toddler

{While offering choices can help ease transitions, giving toddlers too many choices can be overwhelming to them. A few ideas (and research) to consider for toddler parenting.} If you’re the parent of a toddler, you’ve probably heard this advice at least 100 times:  “give your child choices so they will feel empowered and less likely […]

Toddler Development: A Research-Based Guide for Parents

Toddlerhood can be a challenging time for both parents and kids. Understanding more about toddler development can help guide you through this period with insight into your child and hopefully a bit more patience. Toddler Social-Emotional Development Why the Moral Development of Toddlers Matters for All of Us Toddlers Have Big Emotions. Insight from Research […]

The Parenting Hack We All Know (but here’s how to use it more effectively)

{We often hear that giving kids choices empowers them and helps our parenting lives go smoother. While true, offering kids choices also involves some mindfulness on the part of parents.} Parenting confession: I have given up shoe shopping with my kids. Yes, my kids still get new shoes when needed but traditional shoe shopping is […]

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