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I’m a wife, mom of two boys and a child development writer. I may have a Ph.D, but I believe the value of child development research is not in telling us what is “right” or “wrong” with our parenting, but in helping us to see our children with a new lens.
If you are looking for strategies to support your child’s development using research combined with your own innate intuition, this is the place for you.

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“Is This Normal?” When to Worry About Toddler Tantrums

{I’m thrilled to feature guest author Dr. Victoria Nolasco to discuss common parent questions about toddler tantrums.} When should you worry about your toddler’s tantrums? As a developmental pediatrician, parents often ask me whether their child’s tantrums are “normal”. We know that tantrums are part of toddler territory, but when are toddler tantrums a real concern? […]

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