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Parenting with confidence comes from knowledge. Parenting with grace comes from insight.

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I’m a wife, mom of two boys and a child development writer. I may have a Ph.D, but I believe the value of child development research is not in telling us what is “right” or “wrong” with our parenting, but in helping us to see our children with a new lens.
If you are looking for strategies to support your child’s development using research combined with your own innate intuition, this is the place for you.

Amy Webb

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Kindness Starts at Home: Cultivating Self-Compassion in Parenting

Sneak peek: What does it mean to have self-compassion in parenting? Does it make us too “soft” on ourselves? Research offers us insight into how self-compassion may impact our parenting. Who’s experienced this scenario? You do something in your parenting life that you are not proud of such as yelling at your child. You realize […]

Parenting Ideas I’m Embracing This Year

Sneak peek: Parenting ideas to consider as we start a new year.  Last week I discussed the idea of why the phrase “New Year New You” doesn’t really work and the power of habits. Following up on this idea, I thought I would discuss a few parenting ideas that I’m embracing (that you might want […]

Playful Ways to Encourage Kindness in Children

Sneak peek: Encouraging kindness in children is a topic many of us worry about in our world today. Advice and tips from a mom and entrepreneur. I’m excited to feature a guest post from Jana Hallam, the founder of Wonderwell Toy Company. Her company designs a line of purpose-led toys that develop imagination, curiosity and […]

Parenting Books to Get You Through Each Phase of the Early Years

Sneak peek: Some of the best parenting books that I’ve found to provide real, useful research-based guidance. When facing parenting struggles, turn to these first. If you’ve been a parent for any length of time, you know that with all the joy also comes some challenging times. My parenting journey has brought plenty of periods […]

Social Emotional Learning and Children’s Attention

Sneak peek: As attention problems become more common in kids, researchers continue to understand this issue. Research points out the importance of social emotional learning for students who struggle with attention. I went to a presentation recently at my son’s school about the social emotional learning (SEL) program they use. I knew these “soft skills” […]

Amazingly Common (but unhelpful) Myths About Strong-Willed Children

Sneak peek: A new look at the research on how to discipline a strong-willed child. Understand your strong-willed child in a new light! Strong-willed children have a bit of a bad reputation in our culture. Just a quick look at Pinterest shows this right away. Search up “parenting strong-willed children” and you’ll get all sorts […]

The Genius Way to Make It Easier for Kids to Cooperate

Sneak peek: We hear so much about what “good parenting” means. These tidbits usually focus on what we should be doing more of (more structure, more guidance, more rules). But what if some aspect of good parenting entails doing less? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a big […]

The Scientific Reason Why Toddlers Whine (and how to lessen it)

Sneak peek: Toddler whining (or even among older kids) is one of those universal parenting challenges that parents lament. Ideas for understanding whining in toddlers and how to cope. When your child was an infant, their cries would, no doubt, spur you to act like nothing else. For a parent, the sound of their baby […]

Books to Help You Feel More Confident and Peaceful as a New Mom

Sneak peek: These wonderful books for new moms offer insight into motherhood and infant development. Ease the transition to motherhood by reading these books to prepare your mind and emotions. Becoming a mother is perhaps one of the most transformational life experiences a person can go through. Motherhood influences almost every aspect of life–emotional, physical, […]

How to Support Your Child’s Unique Learning Style

Summary: Advice for understanding your child’s unique learning style and how to support them.  I’m excited to feature Dr. Taylor Day as a guest author. She’s a licensed child psychologist and parental coach who specializes in autism and neurodivergent affirming care. Her expertise includes diagnostic evaluations, one-on-one therapy, group therapy models, and even extends to […]

The Secret to Raising Happy Kids: Don’t Focus on Happiness

Sneak peek: Ironically, I’ve found that how to raise happy kids is by focusing less on happiness. As I explore this topic more deeply, I realized there was something more I wanted for my kids Remember how you felt when your kids were babies and they would cry? Other people might be bothered by crying, […]

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