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Super Simple, Research-Backed Ways to Raise a Thankful Child

{Most of us have a goal of raising a thankful child, but the cultural narrative of entitlement is a major challenge. Simple ways to foster gratitude in kids.} Does this sound familiar? Your child is given a lovely gift for a birthday or invited to a friend’s party. You know he loved the gift or […]

Fun, Meaningful Kids’ Gifts that Promote Kindness

{Kindness and empathy in kids can be modeled but we also have to be intentional about fostering it. Toys and gifts that promote kindness can help parents bring important lessons into kids’ lives in a playful way.} I think many of us have experienced this moment: we look at all the conflict and strife in […]

Why Diaper Need Awareness Week Matters to All of US

Imagine with me for a moment that you are a mom with an infant (most of us have been there). You are working one (or possibly two) jobs to try to make ends meet. Your baby has to go to a childcare facility so you can work. Even with all this working, you need government […]

The Thoughtful Parent’s Guide to Attachment Theory

{The concept of attachment theory in child development is mentioned a lot in the parenting world, but there are many misconceptions about what it really means. A research-based look at “attachment”} The word “attachment” is used a lot in parenting magazines and often comes up in discussions among parents. Of course, all of us have […]

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