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Research-Backed Ways to Thrive Through the Toddler Years

Whether you are new to toddler parenting or an experienced parent of toddlers, you know that dealing with toddler emotions is a huge part of the job. For having such little bodies, toddlers can have BIG emotions. Unfortunately, these big emotions have often given toddlers a bad reputation among parents. The phrase “the terrible twos” […]

The Preschool Tour Checklist to Help Choose the Right Preschool for Your Child

{Looking for a preschool tour checklist to guide you as you visit schools? This checklist helps parents pick the perfect preschool for their child.} One quick Google search turns up many variations of a preschool tour checklist. As a parent looking for a preschool for your child, this can be a bit overwhelming. What I […]

21 Parenting Blogs to Keep You Inspired, Informed and Sane

{Some of the best parenting blogs to help keep you learning and growing as a parent} Let’s face it–parenting is hard at times. Parenthood is the only “job” which involves no formal training, very little background knowledge (for most of us) and the “outcome” involves the people we value most (our kids). But I’ve also […]

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