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I’m a wife, mom of two boys and a child development writer. I may have a Ph.D, but I believe the value of child development research is not in telling us what is “right” or “wrong” with our parenting, but in helping us to see our children with a new lens.
If you are looking for strategies to support your child’s development using research combined with your own innate intuition, this is the place for you.

Amy Webb

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Parenting Tips to Try When Nothing Else Seems to Work

Sneak peek: Parenting tips to help you understand the “why” behind your child’s behavior. Positive parenting tips and ideas to try when nothing else seems to work. I thought I was a fairly good, patient parent until my youngest son reached toddlerhood. Although I have a Ph.D. in Human Development, his behavior baffled me. The […]

Why is Positive Parenting Important and How Does it Help My Child?

Sneak peek: We hear the phrase “positive parenting” a lot, but why is positive parenting important? An overview of positive parenting plus a look at how it helps you focus on the long view of parenting. How positive parenting helps you and your child grow together. We hear the phrase “positive parenting” tossed around a […]

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