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Want Your Child to Have an Amazing School Year? Start Here

{This time of year, back to school tips and tricks abound. If you really want an amazing school year for your child, these experts help set you on the right track} Back to school time involves so many preparations–new supplies, shoes, clothes and of course, a cool new lunchbox. What about preparation for you as […]

The Hidden Power of Picture Books for Older Kids

{Picture books for older kids still hold a lot of appeal and developmental benefits. Ideas for incorporating picture books into older children’s literary routine.} One of my favorite parts of being a parent is reading books to my kids, especially picture books. Despite their simple structure, good children’s books often offer beautiful illustrations, captivating stories […]

The Hidden Effect of Early Childhood Education Programs

{Preschool doesn’t change kids’ IQ. The importance of early childhood education programs are much more subtle but no less impactful.} I noticed a recent article on Wired Science entitled “How Preschool Changes the Brain.” Of course, being interested in child development I was immediately intrigued. The article reviews several classic studies conducted over the past […]

To Parents on the First Day of Kindergarten: What Your Kids Really Need From You

{The first day of kindergarten is a big day for kids and parents. While this new independence may make you feel less needed, there are many important life lessons your kindergartener still needs from you.} This school year is THE year for me–my youngest is going off to kindergarten. As a stay-at-home mom, this feels […]

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