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Parenting with confidence comes from knowledge. Parenting with grace comes from insight.

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I’m a wife, mom of two boys and a child development writer. I may have a Ph.D, but I believe the value of child development research is not in telling us what is “right” or “wrong” with our parenting, but in helping us to see our children with a new lens.
If you are looking for strategies to support your child’s development using research combined with your own innate intuition, this is the place for you.

Amy Webb

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The Science-Based Reason Why Experience Gifts are Great for Kids

{plus 25+ awesome experience gift ideas} Sneak peek: Looking for some “outside the box” gift ideas that kids will definitely remember? How about some experience gifts for kids that they will love? I was listening to a story on the radio yesterday and the author profiled had written a book about consumption. He said if […]

The 10 Best Advent Calendars for Toddlers

Sneak peek: With SO many advent calendars out there, what’s the best pick for a toddler advent calendar? Some ideas for advent calendars that work well for toddlers and young children. You don’t have to be around young children very long to realize that when there’s any exciting event coming up, they can hardly control […]

7 Advent Calendars that Foster Kindness

Sneak peek: Are you trying to focus your kids more on kindness this holiday season? This collection of kindness advent calendar ideas will set you on the right track. I’ve always loved Advent calendars. Something about the idea of tiny boxes, bags or drawers that open up a surprise each morning just takes me back […]

Fun and Engaging Emotional Development Toys

Sneak peek: Ideas for emotional development toys that kids will find entertaining and engaging. Have you ever had a sinking feeling after purchasing a toy for your kids? You know the one I mean…the feeling that rises in you when you realize that the toy you just bought is useless. We’ve all been there. Maybe […]

The Genius Way to Make It Easier for Kids to Cooperate

Sneak peek: We hear so much about what “good parenting” means. These tidbits usually focus on what we should be doing more of (more structure, more guidance, more rules). But what if some aspect of good parenting entails doing less? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a big […]

Laid Back Summer Activities That You and Your Kids Will Enjoy

Sneak peek: Summer activities for kids don’t have to involve a lot of camps or scheduled outings. Simple, classic ideas for summer fun that kids still love The countdown to summer is on! In our area, school is already out. For most people around the country, school will end sometime in the next few weeks. […]

The Scientific Reason Why Toddlers Whine (and how to lessen it)

Sneak peek: Toddler whining (or even among older kids) is one of those universal parenting challenges that parents lament. Ideas for understanding whining in toddlers and how to cope. When your child was an infant, their cries would, no doubt, spur you to act like nothing else. For a parent, the sound of their baby […]

Books to Help You Feel More Confident and Peaceful as a New Mom

Sneak peek: These wonderful books for new moms offer insight into motherhood and infant development. Ease the transition to motherhood by reading these books to prepare your mind and emotions. Becoming a mother is perhaps one of the most transformational life experiences a person can go through. Motherhood influences almost every aspect of life–emotional, physical, […]

Easy but Powerful Ways to Connect with Your Kids

Sneak peek: To connect with kids seems like an easy task but in reality, it can be challenging. A few helpful ideas on why it’s worth our time to focus on connection. Do you know that feeling you get when you feel really emotionally connected with someone? Maybe it’s a friend, spouse, partner, or family […]

Toys for Emotional Development: Gifts that Keep Giving

Sneak peek: Toys for emotional development don’t have to be boring. These ideas will keep kids growing, learning, and having fun. My four-year-old was at it again. He, his big brother and I were doing our usual Target run and they had convinced me to go to the toy aisle. What was I thinking? The […]

Screen Time Recommendations for Kids

Screen time recommendations for kids are a hot topic for parents. Parents face ridicule, guilt and pressure from family members all related to the role that screen time plays in their child’s development. Let’s face it–there are many demands on our time and our children’s time. For us, it’s work, chores, and daily care of […]

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