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Unbelievably Simple Summer Learning Activities that Kids Can’t Turn Down

{We all want to help our kids prevent the “summer slide” in learning, but summer learning activities don’t have to be boring worksheets. A few ideas for fostering summer learning through everyday activities} It’s summertime. We are all supposed to be on a more relaxed pace, right? No more homework or science fairs, at least […]

The Revealing Reason Why Kids Love Video Games

{Parents often ask why are video games so addicting to kids? Research gives us some surprising answers about the appeal of video games} I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but my 6-year-old is known as the “pinball king” in our house. From the time he learned that arcade and video games existed, he was […]

The Fascinating Reason Why You Should Care About Your Baby’s Babbling

{Is baby babbling just useless gibberish or does it aid in development? Research points to the role of parents in how infants develop language.} I still remember the first time my oldest son started babbling as a baby. He had been cooing for months, but then one day he made a real noise that sounded […]