parent coaching

Supporting Parents with Research and Guidance

Why parent coaching? Feel more confident in parenting by knowing your decisions are backed by research

You know you want to parent your children differently than you were raised but…you aren’t sure how.

You want to base your parenting decisions on research…not just opinion or fads.

You want to feel confident in relying on your parenting intuition…and combining it with research knowledge.

You want to raise your children so that they meet their fullest potential.

parent coaching

Imagine what it would be like if…

You had someone to really listen to your challenges with parenting

You had a parenting coach on speed dial who you could chat with about your parenting decisions

Someone with child development knowledge could support you in making the best parenting decisions for your child

You had a friendly, supportive voice to hear when you experienced those LONG days of parenting

Unconventional times call for unconventional solutions

asynchronous parent coaching


A knowledgable "listening ear" to support you in your parenting journey

Research-based information on which to make your parenting decisions

New insights and ways of looking at your children's behavior

Support and guidance when you're struggling

I’m a scholar turned writer and parenting coach who loves sharing child development and parenting tips. With a Doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences and real-life experience as a mom of 2, I’ve decided to share my knowledge with parents in the trenches of raising kids. I hope to help you feel more confident in your parenting decisions.

How it Works

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What to Expect

  • Research-based information about parenting and child development
  • Tips and advice based in a positive parenting framework (i.e., no punitive punishments, spanking or manipulation)
  • Non judgemental. Support, encouragment and guidance
  • Non-diagnostic. Psychologial diagnoses or treatment cannot be provided.

I Can Help With:

Support for your parenting journey