The Most Comprehensive Online Course for Stay-at-Home Moms

Because Motherhood Should be Joyful

Struggling with stress and lack of joy as stay-at-home mom? Life as a stay-at-home mom does not have to feel like that!

You LOVE your kids but you struggle with feeling unappreciated and undervalued as a stay-at-home mom

You want to provide a wonderful environment for your kids but you don’t know which activities promote their development

You know you need more of a routine or structure to your day but not sure where to start

You need  a way to drop the mom guilt and find a little time to care for yourself

stay at home mom

Imagine what it would be like if…

You were able to wake up each morning looking forward to the day with your kids?

You were able to give yourself the time and mental space to feel balanced and not over-stressed

You felt confident that you were providing an environment where your child could develop well and be prepared for the next stage in life

You felt that you were being the intentional and present mom you have always wanted to be

The Intentional Stay-at-Home Mom can help make this image a reality

stay at home moms


Feel confident in guiding your child's development

Find time for self-care (without the mom guilt)

Completely shift your mindset and see your true value as a stay-at-home mom

I’m a scholar turned writer who loves sharing information about child development and parenting. With a Doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences and real-life experience as a mom of 2, I’ve decided to share all I’ve learned in my 11 years as a stay-at-home mom to help other moms on this journey. 

What's in the Course for a Stay-at-Home Mom

Why do you need a course about stay-at-home motherhood?

  • you have one of the hardest roles out there…yet have limited support


  • the transition from “outside work” world to “stay-at-home work” is challenging


  • you need support and encouragement from someone who understands the unique challenges


  • loving your kids comes naturally but setting up routines, activities and ways to be thrive in this role requires support
stay at home moms

This course will help you:

Stop just surviving as a stay-at-home mom and start THRIVING