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Tender Beginnings:
Child Development resources and Guidance for new moms

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Whether you are a first-time mom or mom to many, resources for new moms can be hard to find. The first few months with a new little one is full of mixed emotions. Joy, struggle, discovery, and love can all be found as you learn all about your new baby. 

This book is designed to one be of the best resources for new moms to guide them through the first 6 months with their new baby.

Not just a list of milestones, this book offers meaningful child development information but also support and encouragement for moms during those early months.

Child Development

— Week-by-week child development information

— Learn how your baby is learning and growing each week

— Gain valuable insights into how to foster your child’s development


— Resources for new moms each week

— Weekly insights into life as a new mom 

— Inspiration to keep you encouraged each week

— Quotes from authors and scholars about motherhood

Meet the Author

Amy Webb, Ph.D. is a scholar turned child development blogger. She is a wife and mom to two young boys. With her blog, The Thoughtful Parent, she brings academic child development and parenting research into the lives of parents so they can use it to make informed decisions.

amy webb motherhood book


Encouraging quotes and stories just for new moms


Week-by-week child development information that you can use


Support to know that you are not alone. Resources for new moms and information to guide you

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