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Best Parenting Blogs to Keep You Learning and Growing

{As a child development writer (and mom!), I read a lot of parenting articles. These are some of the best parenting blogs I’ve found to help keep you inspired, learning and growing as a parent} Parenthood is the only “job” which involves no formal training, very little background knowledge (for most of us) and the […]

Why Play is Still the Best Way to Spark Your Child’s Development

{The importance of play in child development can’t be overstated. Research-backed benefits of play for children’s development.} If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know that PLAY is something I’m pretty passionate about. Whether it be free play, play-based learning, dress-up play or outdoor play, I love to write about the importance of […]

What is Positive Parenting and How Does it Help My Child?

{An overview of positive parenting plus a look at how it helps you focus on the long view of parenting. How positive parenting helps you and your child grow together} We hear the phrase “positive parenting” tossed around a lot in the media and parenting circles but oftentimes there is some confusion as to what […]