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Fun and Effective Executive Functioning Activities for Preschoolers {printable}

{Executive functioning activities can help preschoolers develop much-needed skills like planning ahead, memory and self-control. Understanding how their brains develop can help us foster their skills.} Perhaps the alternate title for this post should be something like: why your preschooler doesn’t take a coat when it’s cold outside. I’ve been around young children to know […]

Are More Babies Born During the Summer? (Plus Baby Gift Ideas)

{We often think of summer as baby season but are more babies really born during the summer? A little science (and fun) about summer babies} Spring is here and the countdown to summer is on. For my household summer means no rushed mornings getting to the bus stop and a lot of time enjoying the […]

Best Advice for New Parents: Lead with Your Heart {but keep your mind open}

{Many folks claim to have the best advice for new parents on any given topic. Let’s take a thoughtful look at how new parents can balance advice, research and intuition in making parenting decisions} Remember when you first brought home your newborn? You were probably excited, worried, tired and hopeful all at once. Then after […]