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How Young Children’s Potential is Being Wasted in a New, High-Tech Way

{Online preschool is becoming more common in some areas. Discover why this misguided approach is squandering young children’s potential.} If you were asked to come up with as many ways to use a paper clip as you could think of, how many could you list? I recently read about this now-famous study, 1,500 students (ages […]

Research-Backed Parenting Goals for the New Year

{At the beginning of each new year, many of us start with parenting goals to keep us on track. These research-backed parenting goals will help you focus on what’s most important with your kids this year} As we approach the end of the year, many of us are reflecting on many aspects of our lives, […]

Research-Backed Tips for Choosing Age Appropriate Toys

{Choosing age appropriate toys that your kids will actually like is not always easy. Using a few child development hints, you can choose items that your kids will love for years} I’ll be honest–last Christmas we made a big mistake. We bought our boys toys that were bad choices. There’s no sugar-coating it, we just […]