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Discipline without yelling

discipline without yelling

Are you struggling to set boundaries with your kids?

Do you find yourself yelling at your kids more than you’d like?

Are you ready to find REAL ways to establish discipline and build emotional skills at the same time?


— Examples of ways to phrase boundary-setting

— Ways to show empathy while still maintaining boundaries

emotional skills

— Build emotional self-regulation in kids

— Help kids learn how to follow boundaries (even when they aren’t thrilled about them)

Meet the Author

Amy Webb, Ph.D. is a scholar turned child development blogger. She is a wife and mom to two young boys. With her blog, The Thoughtful Parent, she brings academic child development and parenting research into the lives of parents so they can use it to make informed decisions.

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Discipline without yelling is possible!

Even if you're not the most patient person in the world