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Advent is a time of preparation.

With all the expectations to make the holiday season “perfect” for our kids, we often lose sight of the big picture.

Parenting during this season can be challenging. This advent calendar is designed to help parents with simple parenting tips to help focus on their relationship with their kids during this time.

This is a season of memory-making and establishing traditions. Lessen the stress of the season by focusing on what’s most important: your family and your connection with your children.

Let this calendar help you make this season one of connection, love, and celebration (not pressure and stress).

parenting tips

— Foundational positive parenting tips each day of Advent (18 cards plus extra blank ones for DIY days)

— Key parenting ideas to focus on during this season

— Gain valuable insights into how to foster your child’s development

connect with your kids

— Ideas for simple ways to connect with your children each day

— Connection not only fosters a stronger bond but greater cooperation 

— Ways to start meaningful conversations with children

Meet the Author

Amy Webb, Ph.D. is a scholar turned child development blogger. She is a wife and mom to two young boys. With her blog, The Thoughtful Parent, she brings academic child development and parenting research into the lives of parents so they can use it to make informed decisions.

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Positive parenting tips for common challenges


Ideas for simple ways to connect with your kids


Fun, creative ways to celebrate and mark the holiday season

A perfect way to focus on family during the holiday season