social emotional camp

Looking for a fun, easy way to foster social-emotional skills in your kids?

Do you want to foster emotional skills like empathy, compassion and kindness?

Do you want your child to see tangible examples of compassion, friendship and how to be themselves?

Do you need help figuring out ways to discuss emotional topics with your children?

THIS kit is for you!

girl in winter

Imagine what it would be like if…

You had hands-on activities that your child could do during winter break that would actually improve their social-emotional skills?

You had resources like books and movies that you felt good allowing your child to watch because they foster emotional skills?

You felt confident in discussing emotional topics with your kids. You knew you could help them open up and tell you about their day?

You had something USEFUL and FUN to offer your children when they say, "I"M BORED!"

Emotion Camp for Kids is HERE!

What's Included in the Kit

sel kit

Make the winter days full of fun and emotional skill-building!


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