Do you need more CALM in your parenting life?

Do you find yourself losing your patience with your children too often?

Do you struggle with finding a calm, patient response when your kids are upset?

Do you want to be able to really be present with your kids and enjoy those special little moments?

Imagine what it would be like if…

You knew how to respond when your child became upset and needed calm from you

You could utilize the power of positive self-talk to keep calm when your felt parenting stress

You could really soak in those sweet special moments with your child by being more present

You could establish a habit of self-care through parenting mantras that offered self-compassion (instead of self-criticism)

Patience and Purpose: Mantras for Parenting

What's Included

How Would I Use These?

These cards include positive self-talk scripts and mantras to say to yourself when:

  • Your child is having a tantrum
  • You feel angry at your child
  • Your child asks repeatedly for the same thing
  • Your baby is crying and crying

Bring calm and mindfulness to your parenting

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